History Channel’s spotlight on Guyana’s gold

The ‘Bamazon’ crew.GUYANA–Guyana’s gold has been put in the spotlight on the new History Channel series, ‘Bamazon,’ which wraps up at 10 p.m. on Dec. 27th.

The show, shot in the Amazon jungle of Guyana, follows eight out-of-work Alabama construction workers led by Alabama real estate mogul Tim Evans, who are risking everything they’ve got on a long-shot chance to find gold in the mineral rich South American nation.

Tim reached out to seven of his most trusted former employees, guys who’d been with him through thick and thin. They had been broke and out of work for so long that Tim’s offer to share profits of a gold mining venture seemed too good to pass up. So what if none of them knew the first thing about mining? So what if most of them had never been out of the country before? They’re Alabama boys, and that means they know how to get things done.

They have only six weeks to hit it rich and with two episodes left, the crew of determined ‘Bama boys on the hunt for gold in the Amazon, near the Cuyuni River. Viewers get a front row seat to the magnificent rivers, fauna and majestic yet intimidating jungle of Guyana and are given a lesson in mining for gold from a creek bed as the crew battles rapids; evades predators to retrieve the excavator and the illness the jungle can cause.

Tune in to the History Channel Sunday night at 10 p.m. for another episode of ‘Bamazon.’

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