Yoga on World Health Day

PARAMARIBO, Suriname–Dozens of boys and girls, most of them clad in white clothing, gathered early Sunday morning to do a yoga-session in Paramaribo.

On April 7, World Health Day, people not only from Paramaribo but also from other districts, were ready for a yoga-session organized by Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh Suriname (HSSS). This organisation believes that through yoga, a ’Healthy people, healthy nation’ can be created. Worldwide, non-communicable diseases are reaching enormous proportions, so why not promote yoga to prevent them?

Youth organisation

Kiran Mahangi became a member of HSSS twelve years ago. He explained the work of HSSS. “In several community centers, youngsters gather to practise yoga and to get physical -and character development. They also learn what it is to be disciplined. There is a curriculum with objectives. HSSS originates from India but is not specifically for persons with Indian roots”. HSSS organized this yoga session for the first time due to World Health Day and the location of the Independence square in Paramaribo was most suitable.

Young and old

Rows of people, either sitting or standing while following instructions for the yoga exercises, filled the square. Normally, there are more females seen in Suriname attending yoga, but now it was a nice blend of boys, girls and adults. For some it was the first time they did the sun salutation exercise, for others doing asanas and breathing exercises was more familiar. The fourteen year old Ayan Jhinkoe came all the way from Lelydorp and joined HSSS three years ago. “I practice yoga every morning and find it very informative,” he said with a smile.

If more youngsters are choosing for a useful and fulfilling way to enrich their lives, not only physically but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually, who knows what a fruitful future that may bring. Hopefully, we can then speak about a healthy people, healthy nation!

By Tanya Frijmersum


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